Adidas Launching Naruto Collaboration Sneakers:

Adidas has had some amazing success with its collaborations from Anime creators before and it seems as though they are about to knock it out of the park once again with their newest creation. Naruto Shippuden is the latest collaboration that the shoe company is working on. The designs are subtle yet they do feature some of the costume colors and styling of the namesake hero.

The Sakura rendition of the Naruto line almost tells a story of the series itself. With homage to the style in everything from the laces to the signature bright colors, this style could just as easily blend in while also attracting a keen eye.

The saturated style colors and the solid stitching may have you lacing these up and ready to do some high impact activity. The design pays tribute to both the newest versions of Naruto but the older art styles as well. The tactical red and bright pink colors can really showcase nods to different characters in the series but it’s the insoles that really drive the point home.

Adidas built custom Naruto insoles for the shoes. With the understated design of the exterior, the interior features an original drawing of the main character as well as a bright pink and purpled hued style. They are extremely comfortable and also widely one of the most exciting aspects of this new sneaker. The cross pattern and the pop of color is definitely welcome each time you display these shoes.

Although this is just an early launch of this collaboration we’re sure to see a number of new sneakers hitting shelves soon. The newest launch stands to be one of the greatest hype sneakers for anime fans and fans of Naruto.

We are giving it a generous rating on the hype scale!

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