Pharrell and Adidas full neon release called NMD HU

Many sneaker heads prefer an understated look but there’s also a large portion of the population that will always opt for high visibility. This is a style feature that will always be a mark of a professional collector. The influence that high visibility has had over the market will continue to have a staggering power over collectors and it will make sure that designs can be highlighted in their brightest possible format.

Adidas worked with Pharell as a sponsor for the NMD Hu Trail. These are sneakers that you can’t ignore with a full neon green pattern and unique embroidered typography along the top of the toe box. The shoes are offset in their pattern with the right foot including “Know” and the left foot containing Chinese characters. The laces will then sprawl across the top line of these textures and form a darker contrast against the Neon glow.

These extremely high visibility sneakers are still in their concept phase. Although it might be some time before we see them on store shelves and it’s very unlikely that they will be mass released, this is a highly collectible product that will surely offer the chance for high visibility sneakerheads to get the best of green neon.

The quality on the stitching and the contrast with the laces are the main highlights here. Until we start to see more of the shoe and it’s profile, we won’t know more about the details and the inner accents that could add more depth to this design.

If you want to grab a pair of these sneakers, you will have to be checking on the Adidas website daily as there is no set release for this special edition.


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