Cop Or Drop? -The Air Force 1 Low Tropical Teal

Air Force 1 Low concepts are endless, and for good reason, its clean upper offers the perfect canvas for concept artists to put their creativity on full display. This past week alone, we saw multiple releases of actual Air Force 1 Low colorways including a hyped collaboration with UNDEFEATED as well as a plethora of new concept art. This time, we present the new Air Force 1 Low Tropical Teal, a colorway that’s seemingly a flipped version of another concept named the Air Force 1 Low Dark Tropical Twist. That concept wore darker hues while wearing Tropical Twist overlays, pretty much the anthesis of this entirely new concept.

The history behind the Air Force 1 is rich and deep with a number of interesting facts surrounding it. They were the first-ever basketball shoes that Nike released which was no easy task as the Swoosh specialized in running shoes but with their first attempt, they knocked it out of the park and created one of the most recognizable sneakers ever. They were also named after the U.S president’s airplane as the original lettering on the tongues read “AIR FORCE I”, a nod at the actual president’s plane. Moreover, it was also the first-ever “Retro” sneaker which was unprecedented at the time and opened the doors to Nike’s popular practice of re-releasing colorways. 

With such a rich history, it’s easy to see why this concept is so popular for experimentation. The Air Force 1 Low Tropical Teal features a bright Teal leather upper, a hue that’s reminiscent of the blue water of various tropical beaches around the globe. This color tone covers the toes, perforated toe boxes, side panels, heel overlays, and the eye stays. Throats also feature a similar hue but are wrapped with crisp white laces with an “Air Force 1” labeled lace ornament on at the bottom that’s barely visible. Moving up, you’ll find titular teal tongues with clean white tongue tags and “Air Force 1” branding in plain black text. 

Collar linings and interiors also feature a white shade, complimenting the laces and the tongues of the concept. Lateral sides reveal bold and contrasting black leather Swooshes while teal midsoles with embossed “Air” branding and crisp white midsoles finish off the design. Although this colorway may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we do appreciate the originality as there is nothing else out there quite like it! For more concepts, stick around.