Revamping an old classic! – Air Jordan 4 Bred Alternate

Similar to how models like the Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard have received multiple alternate renditions, we wanted to apply the same idea to a personal favorite, and iconic sneaker, the Air Jordan 4 Bred. Sticking with similar colors but implementing them in a very different manner to create our own unique version, check out how our concept turned out above and read more about our thought process below. 

Our concept comes in an all-black leather upper, with white leather wings and red netting, atop a red background. The Jumpman branding on the tongue is also covered in red on a white tag, and the sneaker’s inner lining also comes in red. The midsole is partly black, blending seamlessly into the upper, and the rest of the midsole is red, paired with a white outsole. Lastly, the look is completed with silver crown eyestays adding some sparkle to the shoe. 

Back in the days of the Air Jordan 4’s original release, the league was much more stringent on what colors could be worn on the court at any one time. Hence why in 1989, Michael Jordan’s shoes matched his Chicago Bulls jersey. We wanted to keep this in mind when we create our own take on a bred colorway, keeping our shoes to the common colors that we saw Jordan himself rock on court.

What separates our model from the original Air Jordan 4, is the greater use of white detailing, most notably on the white wings on the sides of the shoe, as well as moving the white detailing on the sole to the outsole, and putting red on the midsole, where it is usually reserved just for the upper. The increase in white detailing from the first bred model has also caused grey to go unused, which was a main part of the original Bred’s. We thought by taking it out, we could provide a stronger contrast between the black, red, and white, as well as increase the usage of red on the shoe. Can a shoe be called a Bred (A mashup of black and red) if it only features red on the outsole? Clearly fans of the original model in the 80’s thought so. Regardless, our model also stands out because we decided to put the red netting over a red background, causing it to blend in, and not stand out so distinctly as on the original Air Jordan 4 Bred.