Ice Cold! – Air Jordan 4 Frozen

For our latest concept, we are giving one of the hottest sneakers right now, the Air Jordan 4, an ice-cold makeover! The opposite of the Air Jordan 4 Fire Red, our concept is dressed head to toe in shades of light blue. Check out the result above, and read more about our thought process below. 

In terms of looks, our Air Jordan 4 comes in a leather upper covered in a curious blue on the top panels and a lighter Regent St blue around the bottom two panels. The wings come in the same Regent St blue and are attached to metallic blue crown-shaped eyelets. In terms of branding, the shoe features a Jumpman logo on the tongue, which stands out as the only white feature on the shoe. The sole is no different, using similar shades of blue, bar the translucent Air bubble. 

Our shoe’s icy theme makes it an ideal option for the winter. Plus, the Air Jordan 4’s leather upper is relatively durable, and its padding throughout the shoe would keep your feet warm regardless of the temperature. But the shoe’s light colors mean that it would still look great throughout the summer as well. They would also look great paired with any sports team jerseys that use a similar color scheme, for instance, vintage Houston Oilers or even Minnesota Lakers jerseys.

Our sneakers are inspired by the extreme cold. When the roads are covered in snow, and the rivers have frozen over. But we have also been inspired by the movie Frozen and the beautiful ice wonderland that the film takes place in. Maybe not yet, but soon the children who loved Frozen will be the next generation of young sneakerheads. And similar to how we have loved the recent Pokémon and Mickey Mouse sneaker collaborations calling back to previous generation’s childhoods. We think a Frozen shoe would undoubtedly be all the rage in 5-10 years. 

However, unless Jordan could tempt Disney into a collaboration, an Air Jordan Frozen sneaker wouldn’t be cleared to release. So, we took it into our own hands to make what we think such a collaboration would look like, should it ever take place.  This is why we have used light blues on the silhouette, which remind you of the movie’s frosty setting, and metallic details on the crown-shaped eyelets that reflect how ice shimmers.