So, What’s New Here? The Air Max 90 Hot Iron 

Concept art for the famous Air Max 90 is stacking up as concept artists continue to push out new, and sometimes, very similar designs to past releases. You can only implement so many color tones on a single silhouette before they all start to look eerily similar. On the other hand, there is always room for improvement and that’s the approach that concept artists seem to be going with as we introduce their latest addition. Presenting, the familiar yet striking Air Max 90 Hot Iron concept! Much like past designs, these too feature a mix of grey, University Red, and black shades. 

When it comes to getting things off the shelves, Nike has had some difficulty in the past, but that problem never appears to extend to the Air Max brand. We take a look at one such shoe, the Nike Air Max 90, which continues that illustrious heritage. Of course, we all know that the Air Max series isn’t nearly as simple. It’s not like these have always been homerun releases. On the contrary, a lot of what we now consider masterpieces elicited disinterest or apathy at the beginning. The Air Max 90 may not have faced such a sales challenge at any point in its history, but things weren’t always so bright. Still, however, they shine when it comes to sales in 2022 and still inspire dozens of concepts every month. 

Coming to this Air Max 90 Hot Iron, the upper seems to be constructed of a mix of mesh and leather in grey, black, and red hues. The toes feature dark Wolf Grey leather which is tucked under matching grey mudguards that extend towards the heels. Disturbing the otherwise smooth mudguards are cut-outs with Varsity Red Air Max tags embossed against black backgrounds. Toe boxes, on the other hand, feature black mesh which is breathable and lightweight (the reason for being Nike’s go-to choice for toe boxes). 

The lower eye stays are black leather while the side plastic eye stays also don a jet-black shade. Wolf Grey laces cover the matching grey throats while tongues, which are also grey, wear bright Varsity Red tags detailed with black Nike and “Air” branding. Complementing the design are red sock liners and red interiors while black heel tabs that we can just make out blend right in. Vibrant red side leather Swooshes, grey/black midsoles with exposed Air Units, and grey outsoles finish off the design. For similar content and more, stay tuned!