The Colorway That Should Have Been-The Air Max 90 Light UNC 

We return with yet another Air Max 90 concept but unlike most times, this one is truly a masterpiece and we can only ponder over why Nike hasn’t implemented these exact color tones on their original UNC. The UNC sneakers are one of the most iconic and popular colorways and almost all colorways on any Air Jordan, in particular, sell out instantly and resell for astoundingly high prices. An excellent example of this is the recent Air Jordan 4 UNC that was released last year. Back in the day, Nike did release the UNC Air Max 90, however, it did not meet expectations. Not even close. Concept artists, however, have done the colorway justice with this Air Max 90 Light UNC. 

The UNC colorway represents Michael Jordan’s alma mater, the university in which he got his start and from which, he was drafted to the Chicago Bulls and established his legacy. The University of North Carolina’s jersey features light sky-blue hues along with golden hits with white backgrounds and over the years, has been implemented on the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 4, and many others. The Air Jordan 1 UNC, for example, was released in 2015 and retailed for $160 but is currently worth over $800 on the secondary market! Although the Air Max 90 UNC did little justice to the colorway, this concept sure does! 

Coming to the design, these sneakers feature a mix of leather and mesh in a white, blue, and black color scheme. Toes feature light blue leather mudguards that are tucked under the matching mudguards. These mudguards extend all the way to the back of the shoe and midway, feature cutouts with matching blue backgrounds and black embossed “Air Max” tags. Toe boxes, on the other hand, are white mesh and sit below blue lower leather eye stays. 

On the sides of the throats are light blue plastic eyelet panels bordering the light blue throats that are wrapped up in white traditional laces. Moving up, you’ll find light blue tongues contrasted by black tongue tags and white “Nike Air” branding. We can also imagine that the inserts likely also feature a black shade with white Nike Air branding. Though barely visible, the rears also seem to feature sky-blue pieces with additional branding. Blue midsoles with white Air Units and matching white outsoles finish off the design. If interested in a similar pair, check out the Air Max 90 UNC (2019). For similar content, keep it here!