Another One For The LV Pack! – The Air Jordan 1 Mid Bio Hack 

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is on a roll and in recent times, has been on the rise when it comes to popularity and hype. Even resale of the Jordan 1 Mid is on the rise and they are starting to become more popular than even the OG Air Jordan 1 Low. A reason for that may be the colorways and the frequency of the Jordan 1 Mid releases as well as the fact that people mostly prefer the High tops to any other cut. The Jordan 1 Mids are the next best alternatives as they look similar. Now, we present another lux fictional collaboration with the Air Jordan 1 Mid, the LV x Air Jordan 1 Mid Bio Hack!

The High and Mid appear to be fraternal siblings to the casual observer at first look. The tongue logo is the most pronounced, even though height is the key differential. While the Mids have the Jump Man and “Air” below it, the OG Highs have the original “Nike Air” logo on the tongue. The first also contains nine lacing holes, compared to the second’s eight.

Earning a High not only completes an outfit but also serves as a symbol of success, whether it be by winning a raffle or having the money to purchase a shoe that is frequently sold at exorbitant resale costs. The effort required to obtain a High makes settling for a more readily available Mid a hilarious failure and a consolation reward. However, that belief has recently been changing. 

Coming to the design of the LV x Air Jordan 1 Mid Bio hack, appears to be inspired by the OG Air Jordan 1 High Bio Hack that was released in 2020 and featured similar contrasting neon hues. This colorway starts off with black toes and LV monograms in grey on top. The perforated toes are matte grey and lead up to matching grey throats wrapped up in grey laces. The laces are hooped through grey tumbled leather while nylon teal tongues provide additional contrast. 

Sock liners are yellow, likely leading down to yellow or teal inserts with contrasting branding. The collars are also seemingly tumbled leather with Jordan Wings motifs while black side panels are covered in additional Louis Vuitton monograms. Large teal leather Swooshes cover the sides while dark midsoles and vibrant yellow outsoles finish off the design. For more concept art, stay tuned!