Stand out from the crowd! – Air Force 1 Blue and Volt Yellow

A common piece of advice is to go hard or go home, and for our latest concept, we definitely didn’t go home. Our latest take on the Air Force 1 features some of our boldest colors yet, using traditional Air Force 1 color blocking, to create a shoe that if it was any brighter, would glow in the dark. So, without further ado, check out our concept above, and read more about its creation process below. 

Our concept comes in a volt yellow leather base, with blue nubuck detailing present on the mudguard, the panel on the ankle, and the leather eyestay overlays. The tongue also comes in blue, with the laces and tongue tag dressed in volt yellow. Volt yellow is also used on the heel tab, with both tabs featuring black Nike Air branding, matching the shoe’s black swoosh on the sides of the shoe, and the Nike branded black deubré at the bottom of the laces. The sole consists of an entirely black midsole contrasting with a volt yellow outsole. 

We like to think that if the blue and yellow Undefeated x Air Force 1 was mixed with an EDM Festival, our concept would be the outcome. When broken down, its color blocking is nothing unfamiliar, but the particular choice of colors, and the yellow coming in a bright volt color, adds a level of excitement to the model that is rarely present on sneakers nowadays, with softer, pastel colors generally being preferred. Although volt is often used on running shoes or used in isolation, we think it also works well on a standard colorway, when it’s paired with other bright and contrasting colors. Hopefully, our concept proves us right. 

Our concept also reminds us of a childhood collecting “Nerf Guns,” the infamous blue and orange pellet firing gadgets which have had a strong hold on the toy market over the last few decades. Whilst we have instead gone for a bright yellow and blue, our shoe features a lack of subtlety that is very reminiscent of the brightly colored branding on Nerf products, as well as many other plastic toys we grew up with. As we grow up, we tend to prefer more subtle colorways on our feet that pair easier with our outfits, but sometimes it’s nice to return to that childish lack of concern for fashion and get the crazy head-turning shoes that would’ve been the talk of the playground.