Perfect for every occasion! – Nike Air Max 90 Midnight Navy

For our latest concept, we have chosen to take inspiration from a relatively common part of our daily lives, jeans. Their utility, and ability to be worn in almost any weather, and with almost any outfit has helped them become the trousers of choice for hundreds of millions of people around the world. We hoped to think up a shoe that could have a similar use, but for shoes, using the Air Max 90 as our canvas. Check out our concept above and read more about our thought process below.  

Our concept comes in a midnight navy mesh and leather upper, with the same hue carrying over to the laces, the tongue, and the shoe’s lining. White makes an appearance on the swooshes on the side, the Air Max branding on the lateral sides of the shoes, and the Nike branding on the tongue is also in blue with a white background. The upper is then paired with a matching blue midsole, and a white outsole.   

Our latest concept isn’t the most out-there design, but we like to think it’s the suave everyday option, effectively the sneaker version of Levi’s jeans. Sometimes we want bold shoes for big occasions, but we also need shoes to wear when we are doing everyday tasks. What our concept brings is maximum functionality, whilst also not sacrificing any style. The Air Max 90’s sturdy leather structure offers durability, whilst the mesh panels allow for enough ventilation to make the shoes viable options all year round, regardless of the weather. Moreover, by going with midnight navy as the primary color on our shoe, its darker hue prevents the shoe from easily picking up visible scuffs and stains, but its color also makes it very easy to pair with. These kicks will look great with almost any outfit you can imagine, offering a level of versatility that the best shoes rarely come with, whilst white accents keep the shoe looking fresh, and showing off the Air Max 90’s unique detailing. 

When you take a look at some of the best-selling shoes in the world, you might be surprised to see that it is often quite mundane shoes that don’t receive much attention from blogs and social media. We all need shoes for our everyday lives, and sometimes we don’t want to stand out or put on a fully coordinated outfit, we want something that will serve the purpose of being shoes, that we are prepared to get dirty. We chose to keep this sentiment in mind when creating our concept, whilst also making sure that the end product didn’t lose any of the beauty and essence of the Air Max 90.