Another Dior Collab!- The Air Force 1 Low Dior Foam Pink 

Nike has been at the forefront of exciting collaborations and some of them have been the most memorable of all time such as with the likes of Off White, Eminem, and more. In 2020, Jordan Brand, an independent subsidiary of Nike, collaborated with Dior on the Air Jordan 1 High and Low which was extremely popular even though most could not afford it at a retail price of $2,000. Even more interesting is the fact that some pairs were sold for over $10,000 on websites such as StockX. Now, concept artists are likely taking inspiration from such collaboration and implementing it on the mighty Nike Air Force 1. Presenting, the Air Force 1 Low Dior Foam Pink! 

One of the most well-known shoes ever produced on a global scale is the Air Force 1 Low. Since they have received so much attention from A-list celebs, they look fantastic on the foot and are now a go-to for many fashion fans across the globe. Despite the fact that they were designed to be hoisted in, no one even really uses them for basketball anymore. These shoes were initially designed for performance, but Nike realized they were more about lifestyle and began incorporating other materials, such as suede. Today, the Air Force 1 Low is one of the shoe designs that is most often updated. It is also one of the silhouettes that are most frequently utilized in concept art, resulting in pieces like this Air Force 1 Low Dior Foam Pink.

Coming to the design, we can see that it is relatively simplistic. Uppers are constructed with white clean leather with some hits of pink around the lateral sides. White leather appears on the toes and the side panels with two small perorations. Heel overlays are also white leather, matching the perforated toe boxes and the eye stays. Throats that are also white are contrasted and wrapped up by traditional pink laces while white tongues with matching tags are contrasted by black “Air Force 1” branding. 

Pink sock liners lead down into matching interiors while the inserts are likely white or pink with additional black Air Force 1 branding. Now, the most interesting part of this shoe is perhaps the Dior monograms done up in Foam Pink on the side panels and the Swooshes on both sides of the shoe, hinting at the collaboration. Meanwhile, white midsoles with titular Foam Pink outsoles finish off the design. For similar content and more, stay tuned!