A Quirky New Addition- The Air Force 1 Low Reverse Electric Green 

Nike has dropped a plethora of colorways for one of their best-selling sneakers, the Air Force 1 Low which releases in multiple colorways almost every month. Concept artists also take on a similar approach, likely because they know that popularity for them is evergreen. These classic sneakers, likely for decades to come, will still be around and a staple for fans all over the world. However, some colorways definitely require more guts than others to rock on the streets and sneakers like the Air Force 1 Electric Green are definitely one of them. Presenting now, the adjusted concept that we’ve dubbed the Air Force 1 Low Reverse Electric Green! 

Saying that the Air Force 1 features a diverse set of colorways and versions is an understatement. These sneakers come in almost all shapes and sizes and include a total of 2000 different variations. That is likely why you’ll find them on the feet of celebrities with very different fashion senses such as Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, and many others. There’s an Air Force 1 out there for everyone! That’s likely why we continue to see multiple new colorways from the Swoosh and concept artists alike. That’s not ideal for resale, as unless Off-White or Travis Scott are collaborating on a pair of Af1s, profits are quite minimal. On the other hand, concept art such as this Air Force 1 Low Reverse Electric Green is as popular as ever. 

Coming to the design, these sneakers feature a lime green, pastel pink, and white color scheme, much like the Air Force 1 Low White Electric Green from 2021. Crisp white leather appears on the toes, side panels that feature two small perforations, and on the rears. Toe boxes feature the usual perforations that are meant for ample ventilation. The eye stays features additional white leather contrasted by light green laces that complement the other matching pastel hits. The laces envelop the white throats that match the small white lace ornaments near the end of the laces that feature “AF1” branding. 

Moving up, white tongues are contrasted by pastel pink tags detailed by black “Nike” and “Air Force 1” texts. Sock liners also feature additional lime green hits, extending down into the interiors. It would have been interesting to see the insoles as well that likely feature pastel pink, green or white hits. The heel tabs also don white leather while side panels are embellished by lime green Swooshes. Green midsoles with “Air” branding and clean white midsoles finish off the design. For more similar content, stay tuned!