Fishy fashion! – Air Force 1 Salmon Pink

For our latest concept, we decided to take a break from our usual favorite Air Max models and the Air Jordan 4, to show some love to another iconic silhouette, the Air Force 1. Dressing it in an unusual but stunning new combination of colors, check out how it went above, and read more about our concept below. 

Our concept comes in a salmon pink leather upper, with black detailing on the Nike Swoosh, the eyelets, and the shoe’s lining. The Nike branding on the tongue is completely blacked out, and the deubr√© on the laces is also black, paired with the shoe’s salmon pink laces. The sole is no different from the upper, with the midsole coming in salmon pink, and the outsole dressed entirely in black. By limiting the shoe to two contrasting colors, the model is given a much bolder look than if the colorway was made more complicated, and the salmon pink color can take center stage as the main focus of our concept. 

The Air Force 1 is known as the perfect summer shoe. Especially in its all-white colorway, the classic silhouette, turning 40 years old this year, has become ubiquitous with great weather, when the models clean upper is less likely to be damaged by sneaker hazards like puddles or mud. We therefore thought, why not pair the sneakers of the summer, with a warm and summery salmon pink color. This combination makes particular sense since salmon pink has often been overlooked within the sneaker space, so we thought it was about time we gave the color the appreciation it deserves. 

At a glance, our sneakers remind us of two things. Firstly, it reminds us of the Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint that was released back in 2019, which similarly used an exclusively black and creamy pink color, albeit with a softer pink color than our new concept. But the other thing our concept reminds us of is the rose gold iPhones that caused such a buzz when it was first released. Whilst featuring a gloss finish rather than the matte finish we have used on our own Air Force 1 concept, the phone featured a similar blush color that strayed from the usual color palette of the product, ultimately to great avail. We thought our concept could see a similar spike in popularity if it ever released, offering a classic shoe in a less orthodox, but still beloved color.