Jumpman takes a swim! – Air Jordan 4 Aqua Blue

We all love an Air Jordan 4, and as we have been locked inside for so long, a lot of us are probably yearning to get back to the beaches and into the sea. Our latest concept combines the two, giving the Air Jordan 4 an ocean-themed makeover. 

The sneaker comes dressed in a leather aqua blue base, hence its name, however with royal blue leather panels circling the bottom of the upper. The crowns are colored in metallic turquoise, and the tongue, laces, and lining are colored in white. The sole is also white, apart from a singular aqua blue accent around the front of the sneaker. Aqua blue has often been used on the Air Jordan 5, on the many different Grape’s colorways, but it is yet to properly grace the Air Jordan 4. That’s why it was a color combination we were interested to try.

Our concept sports a very ocean-inspired silhouette, with blues that resemble the sea, and white detailing that resembles snow. It carries an icy feel, that not only makes it very suitable for the colder months, but its light shade means it would also work well for the summer. This is because lighter colors are generally worse at absorbing heat and therefore maintaining a lower temperature. So, in the hotter months this sneaker would be ideal. You could wear this sneaker with any light-colored clothing, for instance, some white shorts, or even light-yellow garments and other summery colors. 

This colorway is also reminiscent of the Parley x Adidas collaborations that have been going on since 2015. Focused on recycling plastic waste in the ocean, the collaboration has turned into an extensive project that sees Adidas attempt to become more sustainable. It was a great success, and has turned into an inspiring project that sneakerheads can get behind, but what if Jordan joined in on the fun? Although they are still involved in Nike’s efforts to reduce waste, our concept shows a Parley-themed adaption of the Air Jordan 4, that might have released should the two brands have decided to work together. Although it could be harder to use plastic waste in the production of a leather shoe, with a sneaker as popular as the Air Jordan 4, and a positive cause behind it, the shoe would certainly be a smash hit.