These shoes put the sick in seasick! – Air Jordan 4 Calm Ocean

For our latest sneaker concept, we decided to take the theme of a calm ocean and apply it to one of our favorite models, the Air Jordan 4. If you have checked out any of our recent articles, you may have noticed we have been making a lot of Air Jordan 4 concepts lately. But just check out our concept above and you’ll hopefully understand how beautiful and versatile the Air Jordan 4 model is. 

Whilst the ocean can be portrayed using a spectrum of blues, we decided to create our version using only two colors for this silhouette. The light blue leather base is paired with darker blue accents on the lining, wings, laces, beneath the netting and on the heel and tongue tabs. The sole then features matching light and dark blue colors on the midsole, and a dark blue outsole. Lastly, the crown eyelets come in light blue but with a metallic finish, as is customary for our Air Jordan 4 concept colorways. 

This is not the first time we have used an ocean theme for one of our concepts, or the first time we have seen it serve as inspiration in the sneaker space. Adidas’ collaborations with Parley and the incorporation of waves into the shoe’s design language have shown how the sea has inspired what we wear, even on land. For a lot of us though, the ocean reminds us of holiday destinations, and beach resorts, making it an inherently summery theme, especially when it features the same light blue hue as our sneaker. This is why it made perfect sense to put it on Air Jordan 4, as the model itself is an ideal summer shoe, with its crisp leather frame, and its basketball roots making it so easy to pair with shorts. 

The calm part of our concept’s name comes from our choice to only use two colors on the shoe. In the past, our sea-themed sneakers have often been filled with different contrasting colors, that depicted an ocean filled with foamy waves, whereas this time around, we have chosen to represent the calm sea in sneaker form. We have done so by picking two analogous colors that are very easy on the eye and remind you of the calming properties of water. Think less of the surfer-style huge waves, and more the gentle waterfall noises that help you fall asleep at night.