From college bleachers to prime-time TV features! – Air Jordan 4 Miami Sports

For our latest concept, we are once again returning to Florida to take more inspiration from their sports team’s colors, and to create a bright and vivid Air Jordan 4 that could take on any city-themed Jordan. Choosing to use contrasting orange and blue detailing, as well as contrasting white and black accents, our shoe pops out at you and quickly makes its presence known. So, without further ado, check out our finished concept above and read more about its creation below. 

Our concept’s upper comes in a black leather base, with white leather covering the lower two panels. Orange detailing is present on the shoe’s wings, laces, and tongues’ lining, whilst light blue accents cover the shoe’s netting and the rest of the lining. The upper is then paired with a blue and black midsole, and an orange outsole. In terms of branding, the shoes feature the classic Jumpman branding in black on a white background, and lastly, a hint of silver is present on the crown eyelets. 

Our shoe’s colors are once again inspired by the beautiful city of Miami, more specifically, their world-renown sports teams. We have taken the white and blue detailing which is commonly used on the jerseys and baseball caps of the Miami Marlins, as well as the beautiful orange of the Miami Hurricanes, the University of Miami’s highly respected D1 college football team. Such institutions often have high-paying sponsorships from brands like Nike and Adidas, and as a result, are often the inspiration for sneaker colorways to honor that partnership. For our concept, however, we wanted to mash up a couple of sports influences, to create a shoe that celebrated all of Miami. And what better shoe to do it on than an Air Jordan, a basketball sneaker entrenched in sports history, but that is now worn almost exclusively as a lifestyle option. 

This follows on from our recent Air Jordan 4 colorway, which came in pink and blue in reference to Miami’s South Beach area and its infamous colorful sunsets. This time, however, we have chosen to color our shoes in three of the other colors that are closely related to the city of Miami. Moreover, we chose to add some black detailing to add some contrast with the otherwise light colors, allowing the bright blues and oranges to shine.