Made for 2021!- Air Jordan 4 ‘Cooler Grey’

When you think about current sneaker trends in 2021, Air Jordan 4’s and grey sneakers both come to mind. And in fact, the Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey has already mixed these trends, re-releasing in 2019. However, it was too early to benefit from the recent boom in popularity of that kind of shoe. We have taken it upon ourselves therefore to resolve this, creating our own grey Air Jordan 4 concept that we think is ideal for today’s sneaker landscape.  

The sneaker’s upper is covered in leather on the tongue and the top panel of the upper, and nubuck on the lower two panels. These materials are then coated in multiple different shades of grey and stand in contrast to the red leather wings on either side of the shoe. Red accents are also present on the crown eyelets and the tongue’s lining, and the color black features on the Jumpman logo on the tongue and behind the grey netting. The midsole comes in a few shades of grey, and the outsole is dressed in purple. Lastly, the laces are grey with a very subtle red tinge, a mix of the two main colors on the shoe.  

The aforementioned grey sneaker trend has been attracting a lot of attention lately. New Balance’s comeback has been a big part of this, with grey editions of the 990 coming back into style. However, the news of the Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey retro-ing at the end of this year has certainly helped too. Now, we too have jumped on the trend, using the Air Jordan 4, but we chose to spice up the silhouette a bit with some striking details. 

Our sneaker concept’s “Cooler Grey” title is a call back to the Cool Grey Air Jordan models that have been released over the last few decades. This is because our shoes share many similarities with these Cool Grey Jordan’s. For example, we also use a range of greys rather than just covering the shoe in a single grey. And like the Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey, our shoe doesn’t use the standard plastic wings on either side, instead opting for leather wings. 

However, our colorways main difference is that whilst Cool Grey Air Jordan’s usually sport a predominantly grey upper, maybe with a couple of subtle accents, our concept Air Jordan 4 features