Flower Power! – Air Max 90 ‘Pink Rose’

With summer in full swing, people are spending more time outside and enjoying the great weather. But crucially, they have once again retrieved their bright summer sneakers from the back of their closet. One such silhouette that is often worn in the summer, is the Air Max 90, thanks to its comfortability and its breathable mesh panels. For our concept, therefore, we chose to mix the Air Max 90 with some summer colors, and an enchanting pattern that captures the beauty of the outdoors. 

The sneaker comes primarily in a white mesh and leather upper, with purple TPU overlays around the eyelets and on the heel. The sole is also a white foam paired with a light blue outsole. The highlights of the sneaker, however, are the Nike swoosh and the plastic around the Nike Air bubble, as they are dressed in a floral pattern. Depicting a bunch of pink roses, these accents from the identity of the sneaker, and work with the soft color palette of the rest of the shoe to give the shoe a summery theme. And finally, the striking turquoise lining and laces add a pop of color to the shoe. 

Usually, our concepts stick to solid colors, but we thought a floral pattern was the perfect fit for this sneaker. Its detail draws your attention to the key parts of the shoe, the Nike Swoosh and the Air bubble, without overpowering the rest of the silhouette. But also, who doesn’t like flowers? Roses look so great, and particularly pink roses, which are a softer color than red roses, suit our concept’s aesthetic flawlessly. 

Floral patterns are nothing new to sneaker fashion however, brands like Adidas and Nike have been implementing floral designs into their work for decades. There have of course been some stand out pairs, such as the Adidas JS Bear Flower Power and the Nike Air Foamposite One Floral, but flowers have also been used on plenty of general release pairs. In fact, The Air Max 90 has been a canvas for floral patterns in the past, for example, the Air Max 90 Women’s Floral that was released in 2017. The difference between that pair and our own, however, is that we didn’t want the roses to take up the majority of the sneaker. Instead, we decided to use our pink rose pattern sparingly, focusing the attention on the main details of the Air Max 90.