Air meets Sea! – Air Jordan 4 ‘Coral’

Recently, Jordan Brand collaborated with Union on a more experimental version of the Air Jordan 4, and this seems to be a trend within the brand. As well as offering the same retro colorways for the thousandth time, Jordan Brand have tried to remix their old models into something that might grab their consumer’s attention once again. So, we decided to join Jordan Brand in creating our own concept Air Jordan 4, that we think you’ll love.

The sneaker is dressed in a colorful upper, that features a strawberry, flamingo, and dark grey nubuck. Charm pink wings on either side of the shoe are then paired with metallic magenta crowns. Dark grey also covers most of the midsole, alongside some charm pink accents and a charm pink outsole. The look is then finished with a crispy pair of white laces.

We have labeled this colorway the Air Jordan 4 coral, due to the similar soft pinks that coral reefs are known for. Plus, the range of pinks reflects the different colors of a coral reef. By then pairing these bright colors that are meant to represent a living animal with a dark grey, it allows them to stand out more and show off the layering of the sneaker. It also makes a gradient on the upper, as the shoe goes from a dark grey, and gets lighter and brighter until it reaches the charm pink accents on the midsole.

The Air Jordan 4 has made quite the resurgence in recent years. Thanks to collaborations with Union, Off-White, and PSG, as well as the return of classic colorways like the Fire Red’s. These days, you would struggle to look at any sneaker page without hearing something about the Air Jordan 4’s. It also has a strong presence on TikTok, a young but extremely influential social media platform, that has helped support the return of sneakers like the Air More Uptempo and of course the Nike Dunk.

Not only is the Air Jordan 4 very popular at the moment though, but consumers are also currently extremely fond of softer, pastel colors. After a year of quarantining and spending most of your time inside, softer and more subtle clothing has taken over streetwear. And the shoes are no different. Our Air Jordan 4 Coral, therefore, is perfect for this summer, as it features a soft palette of pinks on top of a dark grey, on the Air Jordan 4, one of the hottest models of 2021.