Cooler Grey! – Air Jordan 4 Grey and Red

Grey has a reputation for being dull, but we disagree. Some of the most popular shoes have been grey, think of the Air Jordan Cool Grey’s or literally New Balances’ entire existence. We chose to focus our latest concept on creating both a unique, and interesting colorway for the Air Jordan 4, that was dressed predominantly in grey. So, if that interests you, check out our concept above and read more about its creation process below. 

Our concept comes primarily in a grey leather upper, with red accents on the tongue’s lining and on the shoe’s wings. White detailing is present on the laces, the netting and the Jumpman branding on the tongue, whilst black is present on the tongue tag, behind the netting, and the lining. The midsole is painted black and white and is paired with an all-white outsole. Lastly, the crown eyelets are given a metallic silver finish. 

As our title might suggest, for our latest concept, we have taken the highly popular Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey and updated it with the addition of some other colors in order to give it a more interesting look. Particularly, the red detailing changes the vibe of the shoe dramatically, highlighting the wings on the side of the shoe, and offering a splash of color to an otherwise pale silhouette. Effectively making it the shoe’s rosy cheeks! Whilst the original cool Grey’s went for a monochrome upper, our addition of black and white to the upper, without any vivid colors to balance it out, makes our concept look like it has been pulled out of a black and white movie.  

This concept in particular was made with its potential outfits in mind, as we think this is exactly the kind of look that can be improved massively if the outfit comes with the same energy. We think our sneakers would look amazing paired with a similarly dull grey tracksuit, paired with bright accessories, for instance, some red sunglasses, to mimic the effect that our shoes have. Or you could match the white and black detailing on the shoe with white or black jeans or cargo pants, and then pair it with a grey top. An oversized fit would be most appropriate, as not only is that kind of style very popular now but it also works well with a relatively chunky shoe like the Air Jordan 4.