The All-new Air Jordan 4 ‘Indigo’

Folks, today we have a brand new entrant in the mix. I know that your heart rate is increasing but stay patient as we present to you the Air Jordan 4 “Indigo”. This concept is a beast and we had a blast creating it. A whole lot of time and effort went into this bad boy, so without any further delay, let’s get into it!

Some of you might say that this sneaker seems to have taken inspiration from the Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott Purple that was released in extremely small numbers. However, “Indigo” for us, has a much stronger appeal than Scott’s release mostly due to the fact that this concept uses a leather upper instead of suede – the latter which is easily susceptible to wear and tear.

“Indigo”, an apt moniker for the sneaker, features a premium purple leather upper that surrounds the sneaker from its sock liner to its outsole. “You can’t have too much of a good thing” is the philosophy for using a mono-color scheme here and we personally have no objections to it.

If we take a closer look, we can see that the Jumpman logo on the tongue of the sneaker along with the sock liner is in a lighter shade than the rest of the shoe. This is done primarily to add some contrast into the mix and to make the sneaker pop when you’re wearing it.

To complete the design, the shoe features a reflective metal sprayed in purple for its eyelets which perfectly finish the sneaker off with a bang. What we really like about this concept is that although it uses a single dark color, the design doesn’t mask any of the key details (e.g. the mesh grills, chunky midsole, metallic eyelets) that make the Air Jordan 4 what it really is – a signature classic.

This concept is bold. It isn’t the kind to be left hanging in the back of your closet – it deserves its own closet! When you’re out and about wearing the “Indigo” people will notice but sadly at the end of the day, this is a concept. But who knows, maybe the creative team at Jordan might one day take “inspiration” from us and make this sneaker into reality.

Till then, we’re signing off but don’t worry as we have a whole range of concepts to cover and make you drool over.