the all-new Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Lucky Clover’

Like most Nike Jordan Retro silhouettes, there are a plunder of releases that have rocketed above expectations and obtained holy grail status. You know exactly what we are talking about, the Nike Air Dior 1, The Nike Air Jordan 11 Derek Jeter, The Nike Air Jordan 5 Transformers, The Nike Air Jordan 3 Legends of Summer and of course the Nike Air Jordan 4 Wharlburger. All very well respected and hold a very heavy price tag too!

What’s interesting is that we have started to see Nike and Jordan brand bring out general release colorways which are somewhat reminiscent of the sought-after grails. Perfect example would be the new Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘University Blue’ and ‘Taupe Haze’ which are a great alternative to the pricey Nike x Travis Scott Air Jordan 4 Retro and accompanying Friends and Family version. Although these options are usually depicted as ‘the poor man’s version’, we think it’s a great concept and couldn’t possibly get enough!

Well, next up we see an exciting new custom which follows this motion. Say hello to Sneakerz’s all new mock-up, the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Lucky Clover’ – the perfect alternative to the almost unattainable, $11k+, Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Wharlburger’. Let’s take a closer look.

Similar to the ‘Wharburger’, the ‘Lucky Clover’, or 2.0 version, showcases a predominately all-over green colorway. What’s really interesting is that the sneaker offer 4 different hue’s of green, a great touch considering the sneaker is named after a lucky clover. We see jet-black accents on the shoe which not only compliment the green but offer a color-blocking sequence which is yet to be seen on any Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro. Something which sneakerheads seem to love, especially following the release of the Nike x Union Air Jordan 4 series. White laces come as standard with this mock-up however we expect many to experiment with both black and green colours to see what looks best.

We can’t help but applaud this specific concept sneaker, the creativity and thought behind the shoe is more than enough to get people excited and we hope to see Nike brand pick it up and run with it. For now, it is just a mock-up, but who knows what the future holds!