The All-new Nike Air Max 90 ‘Astro’

We are all well-aware that the Nike Air Max range is one of Nike’s highest performing collections, and for many very-good reasons. One of those reasons being the Nike Air Max 90. A classic by any means and one which is to be submitted into the sneaker hall of fame! The surge in popularity surrounding the Nike Air Max range this year has been an unexpected one, but we are all for it! Alongside many general releases, we have seen some exciting mock-up’s and customs which showcase the creativity surrounding the shoe. Here we take a closer look at yet another concept Air Max 90 supplied by Sneakerz, the all new Nike Air Max 90 ‘Astro’.

As always, we begin with the upper, where the Nike Air Max 90 ‘Astro’ features a predominately black base with colourful accents. The heel, tongue and heel are arrive in black whilst the laces, inner ankle lining lace ladder base all arrive in white. Before we begin to look at the bold colors on this shoe, we see a leather side panel which sits above the midsole, this time finished in matte grey. Although these monochrome colors look great on an Air Max 90, we can’t help but shout about this sneakers ‘wow factor’! That is the addition of the turquoise blue (similar to the tiffany blue we see on other Nike heavyweight releases, such as the Nike Tiffany Dunk and Nike Atmos Air Max 1), and the pink accents. The traditional Nike Air branding is embroidered using pink whilst the Nike side swoosh is finished in turquoise blue. Although these accents are subtle on the upper, they are reinforced by the shoe’s bold lower features.

The midsole sees an all-pink coating, perfectly matching the branding on the tongue tab. Whilst the outsole showcases the turquoise blue, again perfectly in match to the side swoosh on the upper. The
Nike Air Max 90 ‘Astro’ is a concept which is sure to generate some attention within the shoe game, watch this space as we have a feeling that Sneakerz isn’t done yet when it comes to the Air Max 90 silhouette.