Pure Style!- Air Jordan 4 Spruce Blue

For our latest creation, we took inspiration from past Air Jordan 4’s, to give Michael Jordan’s 4th sneaker a spruce blue makeover. Check out how we got on above, and read our breakdown of the sneaker below.

Our sneaker comes dressed in a leather spruce blue upper, with 2 metallic silver crowns on either side of the shoe, and an aqua blue Jumpman on the tongue. The netting around the midfoot is also spruce blue but covers a white lining underneath. This is paired with a clean white midsole, and a black outsole, that adds some contrast to the shoe. Except for jeans that may clash with similar shade sneakers, these shoes would look great with almost anything. They would look particularly great though paired with some maroon shorts, or with some mint green.

The shade of the upper is a blend of two of the most popular colors this year, blue and grey. Obviously blue is always popular, but particularly this year with the release of the Air Jordan 1 and 4 University Blue, and the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star x CDG Blue earlier this month.

Grey has also been extremely popular, especially thanks to the current New Balance craze that’s been going on. Although previously known for being the creators of the quintessential “Dad shoe,” New Balance models such as the 990v5 and the 992 have recently seen a huge wave of attention. And grey has always been New Balance’s color of choice, to the extent that on the 15th of May, New Balance annually celebrates “Grey Day.” Therefore, when New Balance has a great year, so do grey sneakers!

At first glance though, you may have mistaken this concept for the oh-so-popular Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey’s that last released back in 2019. This is because they have a very similar white and black outsole, paired with a grey upper, that is a similar shade to our grey-ish/ blue upper. The difference between ours and theirs, however, is that we have chosen a slightly different color, as well as to put a white lining behind the netting so that the netting can be easily visible. We also chose leather rather than the Cool Grey’s nubuck, as it is much more weather-friendly. It’s all well and good having Cool Grey’s until it starts raining, whereas, with a leather upper you don’t have to deal with the same worry.