Second time’s a charm! – Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo 2.0

For our latest concept, we decided to take a much-loved Air Jordan 4 from 2013 and give it a brand-new spin. The Toro Bravo theme has featured on multiple models since its Air Jordan 4 release, but in a similar vein to the recent updated Shattered Backboard models that have been dropped over the last couple of years, we thought we could create a Toro Bravo 2.0. So, we had a go, taking the same theme, but spinning it in a new way that updates the model for today’s sneaker tastes. Check out how our concept went above and hear more about it below. 

The sneaker comes in a red leather base, with black highlights on the laces, lining, and wings. A chrome finish on the crown eyelets and black and white Jordan Jumpman branding on the tongue finishes off the look of the upper and matches the black midsole and white outsole. Compared to the original Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo, our 2.0 version has swapped the nubuck material upper for a slightly darker leather, that gives the model a more luxury finish. Similarly, the TPU wings have also been swapped with leather wings, and rather than the original silver crown eyelets, our concept features a metallic look. 

The Toro Bravo name comes from the name of the bulls that would feature in the famous tradition of Spanish Bull Fights, which would see a brave matador wave around a red cape at a charging bull, hence the red base of the shoe. Whilst a controversial practice and not too common nowadays, the spectacle that would see the matador dressed in dazzling outfit has continued to be a source of inspiration for plenty of different forms of media.  

Our concept maintains the same red and black color pattern that Jordan has traditionally used on their bull-inspired sneakers, but also keeps the look simple enough that it would work perfectly well without any knowledge of the context in which it was thought up. Moreover, red, black, and white, as we know with the Air Jordan 1 Chicago’s, already have a long and important history with Jordan brand. And the addition of the silver crowns is also fitting considering the nature of the eyelets, as crowns, giving it a luxurious, and even royal look. Overall, the original Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo’s are still loved to this day, and we think a similar concept with a slightly cleaner finish could capitalize on the demand for the original, whilst also enticing younger sneakerheads.