A Polarizing 270 React! The Air Max 270 React Aqua Jade 

The Air Max 270 React returns as concept artists are really giving it more love in 2022 as opposed to Nike which barely releases new colorways for it anymore. Even when they do, the colorways are usually not the best and not memorable at all. This time, however, concept artists use an interesting choice of colors in a polarizing work of art that may not exactly be for everyone. On the other hand, we believe that it’s pretty fire! Presenting, the Nike Air Max 270 React Aqua Jade! A chilling combination of Jade and Aqua hues all over the sneaker. 

The Air Max React 270 lived up to our continual advocacy about how badly the shoe industry needs to keep innovating. The future of footwear would be dark if the Air Max line’s peak years were the 1990s, therefore it’s crucial that Nike continues to develop new models alongside timeless designs like the Air Max 1 & 90. The sneaker business has seen a significant design and structural transformation since 2012, with shoes becoming more technical, pliable, and sensitive. Find a different shoe that has a comparable streamlined, minimalistic appearance, superb form, and superior cushioning. That will be no easy task. This may account for the cult following that the 270 React still has which inspires art like this Air Max 270 React Aqua Jade. 

Featuring a design similar to the Air Max 270 React Hyper Jade from 2019, these sneakers swap out the white, grey, and lime hues for Aqua, giving the shoe a more monochromatic look with slightly contrasting colors. The uppers on the Aqua Jade feature Jade leather toes that extend towards the side panels and onto the rears. Meanwhile, the toes appear to be mesh in an Aqua-like color tone. Situated above are leather eye stays with matching lace hoops and throats enveloped in Aqua laces that blend right in. 

Parts of the throats are dark Jade with debossed branding on the tongues. Aqua tongue liners and sock liners lead into matching interiors and likely down to more similarly hued inserts with additional branding. Speaking of branding, although barely visible, we can make out further branding on the heels which is usually a vertical Swoosh. Sides feature more Jade Swooshes while Aqua midsoles with exposed Air Units and dark Jade outsoles finish off the design. For more content such as this, keep it here for all things sneaker art!