A Late St. Patrick’s Day Surprise? -The Air Max 90 Clover Leaf

Nike is very invested in celebrating cultures and traditions all over the world. They frequently release colorways for most of their silhouettes in celebration of holidays and events like the Chinese New Year, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day. It appears that concept artists are also taking notes and attempting to follow Nike’s tradition of celebrating holidays, or maybe it’s just our imagination?  Either way, this brand-new concept looks identical to 2021’s St. Patrick’s Day sneaker! Presenting, the Nike Air Max 90 Clover Leaf! A jovial colorway that features multiple shades of green overlain by multiple textures. 

The Air Max 90 has long been the canvas of Nike for various themes including Christmas, Easter, and even Valentine’s Day. The two St. Patrick’s Day-themed colorways are also quite popular and are just some of the few that this silhouette has worn throughout the years. The versatility of the design of this sneaker is primarily why it is so popular as street fashion and used as a display of multi-cultural celebrations. When you add this sneaker’s popularity as a street-fashion staple to being a popular choice for Nike to use for various occasions, you get a silhouette that is essentially a cultural icon which is why to this day we see so many concept arts of it. 

This Air Max 90 Clover Leaf features a few shades of green that may put off some while also being aesthetically pleasing to others. A dark Forest Green hue covers the majority of the sneakers, including the leather toes and the mudguards. The smooth dark green leather continues on to the side panels and extends all the way to the tongues, only partly disturbed by the small embossed “Air Max” tag done up in a lime green tinge. Mesh toe boxes adopt the same matching Forest Green hues while the lower leather eye stays provides contrast with a bright lime color tone. 

Plastic eyelet panels also wear the same bright lime hues with matching laces that pass through them, enveloping the sneaker’s forest green throats. Going up, dark green tongues are contrasted by lime green tongue tags with dark green “Air Max” branding. Dark green mesh collars blend right in while lime plastic heel tabs complement the matching cropped leather Swooshes, the Air max tags, and the block surrounding the Air Units on the midsoles. Finally, vibrant lime outsoles finish off the design. For similar concepts and more, stay tuned!