A New Top Contender-The Air Jordan 4 Ocean Blue

any of the Jordan 4 concepts in recent memory have been mediocre at best while some do break through the norms and enshrine themselves within the memories of fans. We’re talking about concepts such as the Air Jordan 4 Red Charcoal, the Air Jordan 4 Paisley Blue, and now, the Air Jordan 4 Ocean Blue, a colorway that will surely be one to remember. Even though this Royal Blue hue has been implemented on Michael Jordan’s 4th signature sneaker, seldom has it been given the rich blue tinge that covers the design from head to toe.

The Jordan 4 itself has been a special sneaker throughout its long history. Tinker Hatfield had the lofty task of outdoing himself after creating the marvel that was the Air Jordan 3. After sketching up the Jordan 4 on paper, he opted for a premium feel instead of an exclusively sporty look, unlike what he intended for the Air Jordan 1. As a result, the silhouette received a premium leather upper with mesh panels and a production process that yielded one of the best quality Air Jordans ever made. With time, the sneaker turned from being a hoop shoe to a fashion one, just like the Air Jordan 1 turned out to be, unexpectedly. With such an alluring design, it’s easy to see why so many artists turn to the Air Jordan 4 when experimenting with colors.

The Air Jordan 4 Ocean Blue concept features a striking colorway and one that we’ve seldom seen before on this silhouette. A rich blue hue covers almost the entirety of the sneakers, save for the mesh paneling and a few other places. A dominating ocean blue color tone covers the leather mudguards and side panels save for the crisp white mesh paneling that’s customary to most Air Jordans. Blue toes lead up to matching white-washed mesh panels with crisp white traditional laces and metallic blue eyelet panels that are attached to white leather triangular pieces.

Leading up, Ocean Blue tongues and tongue tags are contrasted by white Jump-Man logos, matching trims, interiors, and heel tabs that likely also wear an embossed white Jump-Man logo. While not nearly as striking, this concept is quite reminiscent of one of the greatest AJ4s of all time, the Eminem x Air Jordan 4 Encore (2017) which currently costs a whopping $20,000. Coming back to the concept, titular midsoles and outsoles with white borders complete the design for this beguiling. For more content such as this, stay tuned!