A Loud New Concept- The Air Max 90 Sonic Blue 

The Air Max 90 is far from running out of colorways, whether it be by Nike or concept artists, the paneling on this sneaker just refuses to stop providing ideas for new colorways. Thankfully, there are plenty of them that fans would still like to see from the Swoosh and artists alike. This time, although a far cry from actuality, it appears that this Air Max 90 was inspired somewhat by Sonic the Hedgehog. It would be quite interesting to actually see a Sonic-themed Air Max 90 by Nike in real! Presenting, the Nike Air Max 90 Sonic Blue! 

Air Max 90 colorways are possibly the most widespread out there along with the Air Force 1 Low. Although in recent times in the primary market, their sales aren’t what they used to be back in the early 2000s as there are so many readily available on the market that the scarcity factor which feeds into the hype, has declined over time. It still is one of the most popular Nike sneakers and is considered a fashion staple, even in 2022. Although the sneaker’s resale value is not what it used to be, they still are one of the most recognizable sneakers to date that inspires concept art such as this Air Max 90 Sonic Blue. 

The uppers on this sneaker feature a peculiar combination of hues that includes blue and green. Starting with the front, the toes come dressed in deep inky blue leather which extends into the mudguards that run all the way to the rears of the shoe. The mudguards feature customary cutouts with matching backgrounds that blend right in as well as neon green embossed “Air Max” tags. The toe boxes, on the other hand, feature a similar, bright neon green hue in a mesh material that complements the similarly constructed collars. 

Moving up, the lower eye stays that are usually leather feature the same richly blue hue and are tucked under matching blue plastic eyelet panels. Throats indulge in the same shade, wrapped up by blue traditional laces. The throats lead up to a pair of matching blue tongues with contrasting green tags and blue Nike branding. Moreover, blue sock liners lead down to blue interiors and possibly neon green inserts to match. Rears, although barely visible, also seem to feature blue heel pieces. Neon green midsoles and outsoles finish off the design. For more content such as this, stay tuned!