A New Women’s Champion? Air Max 95 Hyper Pink

While Air max 90s and Air Force 1 Lows dominate the concept and custom sneaker scene, a brand-new Air Max 95 especially in feminine colorways is sight for sore eyes. Presenting, the loud and flamboyant Nike Air Max 95 Hyper Pink concept that would surely turn heads if they were to be spotted on the streets. Although the ‘90s were dominated by the Air Max family, much of that popularity has dwindled, especially for most Air Maxs other than the 90s ad 1s. This artistic silhouette, however, is more than just a piece of engineering. It’s a product of inspiration from one of Nike’s best designers, Sergio Lozano, and a 13-year-old kid from the UK that helped with the design. 

Inspired by erosion and human anatomy, the Air Max 95 continues to be a fashion staple for people around the world and much of that appeal comes from the layered panels on the side, reminiscent of human muscle fibers and nylon eyelets that mimic human ribs. Concept art for this intriguing design was inevitable and so, fans are treated to arrays of new concepts, some of which can even put the designers at Nike to shame. This time, we take a closer look at the exciting Air Max 95 Hyper Pink Concept. 

Coming in an electrifying pink and purple color scheme, this colorway dons a multi-material construction. Noticeably canvas and leather with pieces of Nylon, all bundled up in a colorful package. Side panels are segmented and separated first by soft pink leather, then a muted purple hue, Hyper Pink in the middle, followed by another soft Pink leather panel. On top of this is are eye stay panels, seemingly constructed with bright purple canvas material and ending in black rib-like nylon materials. Throats feature a similar soft pink hue that leads up to a pair of matching pink tongues, devoid of any Nike branding. Interiors and collar linings, on the other hand, feature a clean white shade, complimenting the shoe’s crisp white laces. Lateral heels wear small black Swooshes while midsoles also don a light soft pink color tone with a contrasting black full-length Air Max cushion. Plain black outsoles finish off the design. 

The closest you can find to a real colorway is likely the Air Max 95 Pink Suede or saffron Quartz Fire on the secondary markets. For new concept art and more, stay tuned for more to come!