Part of The Peach Pack? The Nike Air Force 1 Low Reverse Peach 

In a world full of Nike KDs, Air Jordans, and other basketball sneakers, it’s hard to imagine that the Air Force 1 used to be the go-to sneaker for basketballers in the early ‘80s. Over time and due to the sneaker’s adoption within pop culture, they started showing up on the feet of celebrities, as part of their going-out outfits. As such, the Air Force 1 became even more popular as a lifestyle shoe, often encouraging artists to create concepts such as this all-new Air Force 1 Low Reverse Peach that seemingly takes inspiration from a past release. 

A lot of artistic knowledge goes into making a sneaker, whether by architects or engineers, and the Air Force 1 is no different. These sneakers had an elevated midsole which was inspired by the cathedral of Notre Dame. Let me explain. Bruce Kilgore wanted the shoe to be more elevated than previous designs and when thinking of an elevated base, he thought of the cathedral’s large contact patch with the court and came up with a solution. Recently, as legendary as this design is, not every sneaker has been selling out in stores as Nike just makes too many of them. However, there still is a high demand for AF1 concept art even today such as for this Air Force 1 Low Reverse Peach. 

The design starts off fairly simple and they are highly reminiscent of the Air Force 1 Low Peach Pack Pink Quarts in terms of the color scheme and blocking. Smooth leather in a light pink hue covers the majority of the shoe including the scuff guards, perforated toe boxes, mudguards, and the slightly perforated side panels. The heel overlays also indulge in this alluring pink hue. The eye stays also don a leather material with a lace ornament that sports “AF1” branding on the sharply contrasting black laces. 

Pink throats lead up to a pair of matching pink tongues, further contrasted by black tongue tags and barely visible “Air Force 1” branding. Black sock liners and black leather side Swoosh further embellish the design. One of the main distinguishing factors between this concept and the Peach Pack Pink Quartz is the heel tabs that feature a floral pattern on the latter. It would be very interesting to see if this concept donned a similar pattern on the inserts. Pink midsoles with “Air” branding and matching outsoles finish off the look! For similar content and more, stay tuned.