Another Masterful AM90 Concept – The Air Max 90 ‘Rosewood’

It appears that every year, Nike releases myriads of new Air Max 1 and 90 colorways. Garnering an endless portfolio of various color combinations for these silhouettes. Nike didn’t however, apply rich maroon hues mixed with crisp white and grey overlays such as on this enchanting new concept. Presenting, the Air Max 90 Rosewood!

Tinker Hatfield designed the Air Max 1 in 1987. A revolutionary sneaker that although broke through the roof in terms of success, put immense pressure on the designer to emulate himself with his next project.

Then in 1990, Hatfield actually did it with the iconic Air Max 90. A sneaker that would transcend sports and would become a cultural and fashion icon.

Not only did this silhouette possess the revolutionary Air Unit, but it also included thermoplastic straps. Giving it a bold new look relative to its older model. With these design choices, the Air Max 90 became a highly recognizable sneaker.

That’s likely why concept artists play around with this silhouette so much. It’s extremely popular and allows for extensive experimentation. The Air Max 90 Rosewood is a testament to how good some of these concepts can get.

Air Max 90 Rosewood | A Closer Look

Rocking a Maroon, white, and Wolf Grey color scheme, this Air Max 90 resembles various other colorways. However, amalgamates them into one attractive package.

Inspiration for this Air Max 90’s sobriquet seemingly comes from rosewood timbers. A kind of wood that comes in various rich hues, especially in shades of maroon. This hue embellishes the toes, mudguards, and the cropped lateral Swooshes.

We’ve seen similar colors used by Nike before, however not quite on the Air Max 90. The closest this concept is reminiscent of is the Air Max 1 Martian Sunrise. A shoe that dons very similar hues, however, opts for lighter maroon overlays relative to this concept.

The otherwise monochromatic mudguards are only disturbed by a tiny white “Air Max” tag embossed in between. This crisp white shade also appears on the mesh toe boxes and collars. Providing a clean white contrast to the otherwise stealthy sneaker.

Grey leather side panels sit between matching plastic grey eyelet panels. Meanwhile, maroon throats are contrasted by traditional white laces. Throats lead up to a pair of matching Maroon tongues with white “Nike” branding.

Clean white midsoles and black rugged outsoles finishes off this alluring new concept.

Digging these concepts? Stick around for a lot more to come!