What The AF1 Tax Should Have Been- The Air Force 1 Low Reverse Taxi 

Over the past few months alone, we’ve seen more Air Force 1 Low concept art than we can count with only a few that really stick out. This time, we see yet another concept that fits the bill for one of the most tasteful of the week and it is seemingly inspired by a classic colorway that has dressed various Nike/Air Jordan sneakers before. Particularly, the Taxi colorway usually consists of black and yellow shades across the sneaker. Now, it has been implemented by concept artists on the Air Force 1 Low in a way that puts Nike to shame. Presenting, the Air Force 1 Low Reverse Taxi! 

The Air Force 1, although not the most valuable sneaker on the market when it comes to resale value and demand, is one of Nike’s most sold sneakers and has yielded the Swoosh over $1 billion in gross revenue. Making them one of the most sold sneakers throughout history. Although there are too many colorways out right now and released on a regular basis, collaborations on the Air Force 1 Low are still highly sought after. In fact, luxury fashion giant, Louis Vuitton recently released a slew of Air Force 1s that are worth thousands of dollars. Releases like those are what inspire so many concept arts such as this Air Force 1 Low Reverse Taxi. 

As the moniker suggests, the “taxi” hints at the color scheme of these sneakers which is a mix of a black and yellow shade. The toes start off with matt black leather with matching black stitching all over the shoe. Side panels with two ventilation holes are also black and overlain by vibrant yellow leather Swooshes with matching yellow stitching. Toe boxes are also black and perforated leading up to black leather eye stays panels, intertwined with traditional black laces that blend right in. 

These laces overlay the matching black throats while also featuring a subtle small lace ornament that’s barely visible and features additional AF1 branding. Moving up, a pair of black tongues are contrasted by yellow tags and black “Air Force 1” branding along with a black Nike Swoosh. The interiors match the tags and likely lead down to more yellow inserts. Heel tabs, on the other hand, are black, likely with embroidered branding that is not visible. Bright yellow midsoles with “Air” branding and matching yellow outsoles finish off the design. For similar content and more, stay tuned!