A Regal New Colorway! -The Air Force 1 Low French Violet

With back-to-back concepts of the Air Force 1 low alone, you’re probably wondering why that’s so but any sneakerhead would know that this silhouette is a modern icon that you’ll likely find in the majority of fashion enthusiasts’ wardrobes. This has much to do with its history as well as the culture that this silhouette has culminated around it. Not to mention that it’s relatively simplistic upper allows for the opportunity for concept artists to play around, leading to a myriad of new colorway concepts. After covering the similarly styled Black Gym Red and Neon Green concepts, we present the Air Force 1 Low French Violet!

Although this silhouette is largely used as streetwear today, they’re actually decent hoop shoes as well and were one of the best in the ‘80s. This performance can largely be attributed to its ‘Cupsole’ design, making the AF1 one of the first to feature one. This made the shoes durable and extremely suitable to play in. But before becoming a staple in the fashion realm, the AF1 went through some changes during its early stages. One of them being a mesh toe box instead of the usual leather which had to be swapped out because of its price point. The most interesting point about the design of these kicks, however, is that it was inspired by a group called DCEC which included aerospace engineers, biochemists, podiatrists, and trainers that contributed to the invention of the Air sole.

Such engineering contributed to the inevitable success of this silhouette, inspiring concepts in the future such as this Air Force 1 Low French Violet. This concept adopts the same matte black finish we’ve seen consistently and have grown fond of as it seems to enhance the aesthetics of every contrasting hue. The perforated toe boxes, side panels, and mudguards are all shrouded in fine black leather. The eye stays, throats, and tongues continue the trend while leading up to a pair of matching black laces with titular French Violet tongue tags and black “Air Force 1” and “Nike” texts. While not many other colorways out there look too similar, it is slightly reminiscent of the highly sought-after Air Force 1 Low Supreme VT.

The difference between both sneakers is in the shades of purple being used. This supreme VT opts for a darker purple shade while the Swoosh remains black. The French Violet concept, on the other hand, dons a bright purple Swoosh on the sides with black collar linings and interiors. Black midsoles with embossed “Air” text and French Violet outsoles finish off the design. There are plenty more concepts where that came from so stay tuned for more!