A Flaming Hot New Addition- The Air Force 1 Low Reverse Habanero  

The Air Force 1 Low is still the reigning champion of customizability and concept art, largely owing to its intriguing paneling that allows for experimentation. Nike has been releasing so many colorways for the Air Force 1 that it can be difficult to come up with entirely original designs. Even if a specific concept was intended to be original by the artist, there’s a high chance that it is highly reminiscent of a past release. Such is the case with this brand-new addition. Presenting, the Nike Air Force 1 Low Reverse Habanero! 

The Air Force 1 Low is Nike’s first-ever basketball sneaker, which already made it one of the most important sneakers in Nike’s portfolio, ultimately paving the way for the Swoosh’s most successful independent subsidiary, Jordan Brand. A lot of engineering went into building these sneakers and the end product was so successful that after being discontinued in the early ‘80s, Nike was practically forced to bring them back a few years later due to popular demand. The same demand is also present for concept art such as this Air Force 1 Low Reverse Habanero. 

The uppers on this sneaker immediately catch the eye with its blazing red exterior. This sports car-like finish is all over the shoe with the exception of a few black hits. Habanero Red leather covers the Toes, perforated side panels, and the rear overlays. The same hue also covers the perforated toe boxes as well as the heel tabs likely with black “Nike Air” branding. An admirable feature of these shoes is the use of black hits that uniformly cover the eye stays, throats, and laces. These lead up to a pair of black tongues and red tags that are detailed with black “Nike Air” branding. 

Although we do not have a view, interiors likely also feature the titular hue while we can imagine black inserts with additional Habanero Red Nike branding. Red midsoles with embossed “Air” branding and matching red outsoles finish off the design. There are similar sneakers out there that you can find on the secondary market such as the Air Force 1 Low Habanero Red Black White. Those sneakers feature more white hits with an entirely white midsole. We believe this concept just works way better and is an improvement. You can pick up the regular sneakers for around $140. For similar content and more, stay tuned!