The Rise Of The Mids- The Air Jordan 1 All-Star Maize 

The Air Jordan 1 Mid has seen a strange rise in recent months and it has much to do with the hype of their high-top counterparts. The Jordan 1 Mids, however, are slowly regaining much-deserved recognition and love as well as attention from concept artists that create attractive works of art with this silhouette. The Jordan 1 Mid, some would say, has even surpassed the Jordan 1 Lows in some cases when it comes to resale value and overall hype which is interesting considering the Mid’s lack of history with Michael Jordan on the court. Now we present, the Air Jordan 1 Mid All-Star Maize which features a combination of an iconic collegiate colorway mixed with starry underlays. 

In 2020, with the release of Michael Jordan’s documentary “The Last Dance”, the demand for all the featured sneakers and Jordan Brand as a whole increased as the legend was exposed to a younger, and entirely new audience. One of the speculated reasons for the Air Jordan 1s becoming so popular is that due to the excess demand for these sneakers, not many people could afford or get their hands on a pair which is why they slowly started to settle for the Jordan 1 Mids since they look almost exactly the same. Leading to higher popularity and the creation of concept art such as this Air Jordan 1 Mid All-Star Maize. 

Seemingly inspired by a famous collegiate colorway, these Air Jordan 1s feature a combination of Maize overlays with sparkly underlays. Tumbled leather in a vibrant yellow hue appears on the toes, eye stays, and heel overlays of the sneaker. The toe boxes, which are usually perforated, feature sparkly grey and white shades reminiscent of stars in the night sky. This probably would be a pretty good release on All-Stars weekend and would likely sell out quickly as well. 

Above the toe boxes are matching grey and white sparkly throats that are covered in the titular Maize laces and lead up to matching grey tongues with yellow borders. Sock liners also appear to be Varsity Maize while interiors, although not visible, will likely also appear to be very similar. The heel overlays which are also yellow feature debossed Jordan Wings motifs that blend right in. Varsity Maize leather Swooshes cover the sides while clean white midsoles and titular maize outsoles finish off the design. Stay tuned for exciting concept art and more!