Nothing Quite Like It! – The Air Jordan 1 Mid Neon Blue 

It isn’t every day that you see concept art on the Air Jordan 1 Mid that looks completely unique. The Jordan 1 Mid has plenty of work done on it digitally by artists but this latest one looks completely unique to what Jordan Brand ever released. Usually, the Jump-Man releases colorways that have University Blue color tones with more contrasting hits rather than just a few bright teal contrasting hits but it works just fine in this case. Presenting, the Air Jordan 1 Mid Neon Blue! 

The Air Jordan 1 Mid used to be the ugly duckling or the runt of the litter that no one really wanted and was somewhat treated as the cheap knockoff of the OG Air Jordan 1 High. This was partly due to Michael Jordan not having worn them himself professionally during any games and also the fact that they may not look as good as the highs or lows to most. However, they honestly do not look that different and with the rise in hype and demand, people have started to settle for the Mids as they are easier to get your hands on. Now, you can easily pick up Air Jordan 1 Mids even in iconic color tones, such as the Air Jordan 1 Mid Chicago for around retail prices. However, that may change with time as well. 

Coming to the design of this shoe, things are kept simple here by the artists with dark leather underlays and contrasting bright neon blue overlays. Black textured leather that’s also referred to as full-grain, covers the toes, eye stays, and heel overlays. A smoother leather covers the perforated toes of the sneaker which appears to be more matte than regular. Moving up, black tongues are contrasted by neon blue laces that partly cover the shoe’s tongues as well. 

Tongues appear to be made out of nylon and should feature Air Jordan or Nike branding but that isn’t visible due to the lack of contrast. Sock liners are also black likely leading down to black interiors and matching black inserts with neon blue branding. The Jordan Wings motifs do not appear to show, likely because of no contrast but the large neon blue leather Swooshes make up for it with its dominating presence. Black midsoles and neon blue outsoles finish off the design. For similar content and more, stay tuned!