Another Lux Collab! – The LV x Air Jordan 4 Laser Blue 

Concept artists have dug into the world of lux collaborations as they release even more fictional partnerships with brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The idea is great and although Jordan Brand has never really collaborated with LV, it definitely is possible and would not be the first time the luxury fashion house partnered up with the Jump-Man. The Air Jordan 4 is also a sneaker that’s riding the upward popularity wave as more and more people begin seeking them over the Air Jordan 2, 3, and 5. Now, artists release another concept in this LV x Air Jordan 4 Laser Blue! 

As mentioned above, this would not be the only release of Nike with LV if it ever came to be. Nike recently collaborated with Louis Vuitton on the famous Air Force 1 Low and Mid. The releases were extremely limited and they did retail for whopping high prices in the thousands. However, even if you could afford to pay retail, it would have been difficult to get your hands on them due to being so limited. Only a handful have been sold on the secondary market and their average resale price on StockX is over $30,000! This is for the Brown Monogram colorways while other collaborations with LV and Off-White are also extremely pricey. 

Coming to the design of the LV x Air Jordan 4 Laser Blue, the uppers seem different than anything we have seen before. The colors resemble neither the Air Jordan 4’s traditional hues nor LV’s. A canvas-like dark navy material covers the toes with the famous LV monograms. Black canvas covers the toe boxes and extends onto the side panels. Netted throats are wrapped up in black traditional laces and hooped through black eyes stays and metallic black eyelet panels. 

The tongues are also seemingly constructed with canvas detailed with monograms with grey borders, black tags, and laser blue Jump-Man logos. The interiors appear to be black while the rears feature laser blue contrasting pieces that are reminiscent of the Military Blue Air Jordan 4. The side panels also feature black mesh netting overlain by blue canvas triangular pieces with additional LV monograms. Black midsoles with matching black exposed Air Units along with laser blue contrasting outsoles finish off the design. Though we may be naïve, a similar collaboration may be very close to reality! For more content such as this, stick around.