Third Time’s the Charm? -The Air Jordan 4 Ash 

All-grey Air Jordan 4s have really caught on and judging by how popular the first 2 sneakers were, it comes as no surprise that concept artists surprise us with a third grey colorway that likely built off the OG Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey, one of the very few all-grey sneakers that are highly popular. Presenting, the Air Jordan 4 Ash that features color tones identical to the previous concepts that we covered but features subtle differences for those that admire the attention to detail.

Previously, we first covered the Air Jordan 4 Gun Metal Grey that featured almost identical color tones to this latest concept. In fact, it is so similar that you really have to look closely to find any differences. The deviations are the lighter scuff guards, grey outsoles, black mesh panels, and darker plastic eyelet panels. Everything else is virtually identical. The second concept, the Midnight Grey, also features similar hues but with a darker grey upper, laces, eyelet panels, and dark grey midsoles. The latest Air Jordan 4 Ash takes a slightly different route than its siblings.

Uppers start with dark grey scuff guards that appear almost dark enough to be black. This is subtly contrasted by dark grey or ‘Ash’ toe boxes and side panels that extend all the way to the heels in a typical fashion. Situated above the toes are grey mesh panels that are wrapped in lighter traditional laces and lead up to a pair of large tumbled leather tongues with black tongues and contrasting white Jump-Man logos. Trims, sock liners, and interiors also indulge in the ashy hue and likely also appear on the inserts of the sneakers with contrasting white Jump-Man logos to match the tongues. To some extent, these kicks are also reminiscent of the revered Air Jordan 4 Cool Greys from 2019 that have appreciated in value to over $400 ever since its release date.

The rears of this concept appear to wear dark grey heel tabs and with a bit of imagination, likely also dons a white or black Jump-Man logo to match the branding. Side panels feature additional mesh netting that complements the similarly constructed throats and are overlain by Ash grey leather triangular pieces. Black/grey midsoles and crisp white outsoles finish off the design. Though there’s nothing quite like it in real life, the Cool Grey (2019) is as close as you can get! For similar art, stay tuned for more!