Too good to be blue! – Air Jordan 4 Ocean Blue

For our latest concept sneaker, we wanted to make something that was tasteful as well as striking, and we decided the Air Jordan 4 was the perfect canvas. With such a detailed upper and stylish silhouette, it is a perfect base for so many different color combinations. But our latest idea is unlike the standard Air Jordan 4 colorway’s we are used to seeing, choosing instead to stick solely with the color blue. 

In terms of looks, our Air Jordan 4 comes in a leather upper covered in multiple shades of blue. This includes azure, turquoise, sapphire, and cobalt blue. The crown eyelets are coated in a metallic blue, and the Jumpman logo on the tongue stands out as the only white feature on the shoe. The sole is no different, utilizing similar shades of blue, bar the translucent Air bubble. 

The inspiration for this sneaker is the ocean, hence the name, and its different contrasting shades reflect the different colors of the ocean depending on where you are in the world. Also, by using different shades on the different parts of the shoe, the details stand out a lot more than if everything was coated in the same color. This way the netting on the sides, the crowns, and the wings are all easy to spot. 

Although relatively uncommon, we have seen a couple of sneakers that have solely used a single color, or different shades of a particular color. The most notable example is Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October, which dropped back in 2014 and has since resold for over $10,000 in certain sizes. But more recently, LeBron James has worn multiple monochromatic LeBron 18’s on-court over the last season. The most notable of which was the LeBron 18 Melon Tint, which he wore during his 19/20 NBA championship celebrations, and were covered entirely in a soft orange. 

As previously mentioned, however, this is not the typical color combination for the Air Jordan 4. Usually, the Air Jordan 4 dons either a white or a black leather base, with a couple of highlights on certain details, but we wanted to try something new. A lot of Air Jordan 4 colorways have a retro look that reminds you of the sneakers original 1989 release, but we think for one of 2021’s most popular sneakers, offering an alternative look for the shoe might be quite refreshing.