Luxury Overload!- The Air Jordan 4 Ruby Red 

The Air Jordan 4 returns for another potential all-time banger of a concept and this time, it is a fictional collaboration yet again. The Jordan 4 does not have any luxury concepts in real life but as this silhouette is slowly gaining traction as the most popular out of all Air Jordans, a collaboration hopefully starts to become inevitable. This rise in popularity is reflected in the increased number of colorways from Jordan Brand and a rise in concept arts. This month we’ve probably received more fictional collaborations than any other month in 2022. Presenting now, the alluring LV x Air Jordan 4 Ruby Red. 

If you want to get into the reselling game, the Air Jordan 4 today is a solid bet. The Air Jordan 1 even, with some OG colorways, is not reselling for a lot over retail but the Air Jordan 4s are quite decent in that regard. However, the downside is that people who just want to rock a pair of AJ4s are finding it harder and harder to snatch up a new pair for themselves. If you have missed a recent drop (since they get sold out within minutes or even seconds) you will probably need to pay $50 over the retail price to get a deadstock pair. Thankfully, you don’t need to pay a dime to admire concept art such as this LV x Air Jordan 4 Ruby Red. 

Coming to the design, at first glance the moniker makes a lot of sense. The entire upper is shrouded in a deep red or maroon tinge that reflects the shine of a ruby. The toes of the shoe feature a red background with LV’s monograms stitched on them. The toe boxes are also a deep red which extends onto the side panels. Above the toe boxes are red netted throats that are wrapped up in matching red laces that almost blend right in. 

The laces are hooped through red leather eye stays and metallic grey triangular eyelets that provide a subtle contrast. Above are red tongues with complementing LV monograms, maroon tags, and Infrared Jump-Man logos. The interiors are also red, likely with red inserts with additional Infrared logos. Netted side panels overlain by red triangular pieces, dark red midsoles with exposed Air Units, and bright red outsoles finish off the design. For similar concept art and more, stick around!