A Legendary Colorway- The Air Max Plus Red October 

One of the most popular and sought-after sneakers to ever release was Yeezy and Nike’s Nike Air Red Octobers, which made sneaker news headlines everywhere and was the start of a new era for sneakers and sneakers culture. Following this release was the introduction of celebrity sneakers which were released every once in a while, that were extremely hyped and also lead to the Yeezy brand in 2015 with Adidas. This time, it appears that concept artists seek to commemorate that colorway by implementing it on another Nike OG silhouette in the Air Max Plus! Presenting, the Nike Air Max Plus Red October! 

McDowell, the creator, had something that the other designers lacked: A sketchbook full of palm trees bowed by the wind and Florida sunsets. McDowell spent some time in Florida before beginning his career at Nike, when he “laid around on the beaches and simply pondered and sketched,” recalling that “it was one of [his] most creative moments.” Like any footwear creator, the young designer saw the palm trees swaying in the breeze and thought, “Those palm trees would create a [wonderful] quarter panel like you could keep your foot down with those palm trees.” After a few months passed, McDowell’s Florida evenings came to mind when he received information on the Foot Locker initiative, which was then known as “Sky Air.” He began drawing colorful sunsets with a variety of palm trees, from artistic to geometric, as soon as he heard the term. From then, the Air Max Plus was created. 

Today, the sneakers are still selling well and now, we have a slew of new concept art to admire on this silhouette. Coming to the design of this sneaker, it is unlike any other Air Max and looks way more futuristic. It is shrouded in a “Red October” hue with an orange tinge covering the entire shoe. Segmentation with a plastic-like material can be seen throughout the upper, going from the front to the back like ripples. 

The throats feature a matching orange hue that is wrapped in traditional red laces that match the rest of the sneaker. The eye stays are seemingly non-existent and the only thing bordering the throats seems to be a darker lace. Tongues feature a matching orange tinge with slight detailing while the interiors are also similar. On the sides are small black Swooshes while orange midsoles with full-length visible Air cushions and rugged red outsoles finish the design. For similar concept art, stay tuned for more!