An improvement over the UNDEFEATED AM90 – The Air Max 90 Black Shamrock

Although the Air Force 1 Low has been stealing most of the spot line in recent weeks, the Air Max 90 isn’t far behind when it comes to brand new concepts. Unlike the Air Force 1, however, the Air Max 90 includes a myriad of very attractive colorways, so releasing consistently good concepts is relatively challenging. But concept artists seldom disappoint and this time, release a brand-new concept that builds off the momentum of matte black uppers and executes it perfectly with contrasting colors. Presenting, the Nike Air Max 90 Black Shamrock, a bold new concept that although is reminiscent of past mock-ups, is an alluring new addition!

With countless iterations, the 90 remains one of the most iconic sneakers to date even after almost 3 decades. Not just in the U.S but all over the world. Its design, much like the Air Force 1, was inspired by real-life pieces of architecture and engineering. The Air Unit, in particular, was inspired by the works of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. Apart from being widely used in gym training today because of their ankle support and divine cushioning, these kicks are also fashion staples for many. Particularly, for those that are into streetwear even though the 90s were never intended to be used for fashion when they first dropped.

With so many concepts out, you’d think artists would have run out of ideas for new fire colorways but apparently, there’s plenty more where that came from! The Air Max 90 Dark Shamrock wears jet black hues that we’ve pleasantly grown accustomed to in the past few months but this iteration takes it a step further and completely blacks out the tongues as well.  Other colorways usually add contrast to the tongue’s branding but the shimmering side Swooshes dressed in rich green hues more than makeup for it! Mudguards feature smooth black leather that extends all the way to the heel tabs. Though we don’t have a rear-view look, I’d assume this concept also features blacked-out heel tabs to match the tongues that only appear to have outlines of the branding.

Overall, this sneaker is to some degree, reminiscent of the UNDEFEATED x Air Max 90 (2019) which features similar black underlays and neon green overlays. Apart from the additional branding, differences emerge in the side panels, the black Swooshes, and the green tongue tags. The Dark Shamrock concept also dons plain jet-black midsoles with Air Units that blend in perfectly along with contrasting titular outsoles to complete the design. That’s it for this concept, but there’s a lot more to come so stay tuned!