Another Undefeated-Inspired AM90?-The Air Max 90 Black Voltage

In previous months, concept artists released a number of Air Max 90 concepts that were noticeably inspired by previous Air Max colorways, including the hyped UNDEFEATED x Air Max 90 pack that many still yearn to get their hands on. Prior to this colorway, we covered the Air Max 90 Grey Voltage which featured a very similar design with minor deviations. This time, the AM90 returns and wears a combination of Wolf Grey, Black, and Voltage Yellow hues for a never-before-seen look. Presenting, the Air Max 90 Black Voltage.

The Air Max 90 Grey Voltage concept differs from this in minor ways so they might easily be mistaken for each other. The Grey Voltage features darker yellow color tones that are truer to Nike’s actual ‘Voltage’ hue. The grey on the toe boxes and plastic eyelet panels are also darker while the mudguards feature plain black leather instead of grey that appears on this latest concept. Whether this is an improvement or not, we’ll leave that up to you. For now, let’s take a closer look at the Air Max 90 Black Voltage Concept!

The uppers on this sneaker wear 3 different hues, particularly bright yellow, grey, and a jet-black shade. Jet black leather appears on the toes of the sneakers and also engulfs the side panels in darkness. Instead of a matching black shade, the mudguards feature an odd grey hue that really pops even with its stealthy nature. This smooth overlay is disturbed only by a tiny embossed “Air Max’ tag with a grey background. Toe boxes feature grey mesh that we see on most other Air Max sneakers while the dark plastic eyelet panels are contrasted by a titular Voltage hue. Black tongues also feature the same vibrant yellow color tone while black “Nike Air” textual branding adds another layer of detail.

Interiors also feature a grey shade, matching the plastic eyelet panels and also the embossed heel tabs that probably feature additional branding. Lateral sides don cropped Swooshes that are customary to the iconic Air Max 90 but this time, they wear a vibrant yellow hue. Black midsoles with bright yellow blocked Air Max units and matching dual-toned outsoles finish off the design. If you’re digging this concept, take a look at UNDEFEATED and Nike’s Air Max 90 Optic Yellow! For better or for worse, the sneaker does feature slightly different color tones but if you like this concept, the Optic Yellow may be the one for you. For more concepts, stay tuned!