The Perfect GS Air Max? -The Air Max 90 Bubblegum

Concept artists have been busy with the Air Max 90, releasing several new colorways that are fitting for men’s and women’s sizes but we haven’t seen too many that may be well-adapted to kids’ sizes, until now. Presenting, the vivid and exciting Nike Air Max 90 Bubblegum concept that features a predominantly pink color tone in two different shades that give off a cheerful, GS sneaker vibe. Although not everyone’s cup of time, this brand-new concept may appeal to kids and even women that prefer feminine hues. 

The Air Max 90 continues to be one of Nike’s most experimented-on sneakers, much like the Air Force 1 and the Nike Dunk Lows have been recently. Ever since releasing decades ago, the designers at Nike’s headquarters thought that eventually the Air Max 90 would be replaced by newer models but that never came to be as this silhouette turned into a classic that many wore not just for running, but for fashion on various occasions. The timeless style and versatility made the Air Max 90 a fashion staple for many around the world, also inspiring artists to experiment on the design to create new and exciting concepts. Much like this Air Max 90 Bubblegum. 

As the playful moniker suggests, this concept is dominated by pink hues. A lighter shade covers the majority of the sneaker with Hyper Pink overlays. Toes feature light Bubblegum leather as well as the mudguards that extend towards the heels and feature an embedded “Air Max” tag near the rear. The tag dons the same pastel pink hue and blends right in, only deviating when it comes to the texture and shape. Much like other colorways, this concept also wears mesh toe boxes in a light pink hue with matching leather lower eye stays. These eye stays get tucked under light pink plastic eyelet panels with lighter laces and throats that blend right in. 

Leading up, you’ll find a pair of matching Bubblegum pink tongues with Hyper Pink tongue tags and lighter “Nike Air” branding with a Swoosh. Sock liners and interiors feature additional Hyper Pink hues that complement the other hits, including the cropped Swooshes on the lateral sides. Hyper Pink midsoles with a lighter shaded block surrounding the Air Unit and vibrant outsoles finish off the look. Thankfully, there is a similar colorway out there already known as the Air Max 90 Hyper Pink, in case you’re interested. For more concept art, stay tuned!