The Perfect Summer’s AM90- The Air Max 90 Honeybee!

The Air Max 90 makes a return in the concept art world as concept artists introduce the perfect fictional colorway for the forthcoming season that designers over at the Nike headquarters should definitely take notes from. After a myriad of dark color tones that were dropped for the wintertime, artists are beginning to work on more vibrant hues like for this Air Max 90. Presenting, the vibrant Nike Air Max 90 Honeybee! A fitting name for its color scheme that consists of bright yellow with black hits. 

As a lot of engineering went into building the Air Max sneakers, back in the ‘90s it was safe to say that they were one of, if not the best running shoes on the market. Famous professional runner, Moneghetti, actually set the course record for the fastest time for the annual Sydney Fun Run back in 1991 and he was rumored to be rocking the beloved Air Max 90. That goes to show how these sneakers transcended borders not only due to their performance but also their paneling. The paneling on the Air Max 90 makes it easier to apply a range of colors and opens doors for further experimentation that concept artists are fully taking advantage of. 

Coming to the design of the Air Max 90 Honeybee, it features a bright yellow color scheme with black hits, fitting its moniker. Black leather toes are tucked under matching black mudguards that go all the way to the heels, only disturbed by a contrasting yellow “Air Max” tag with a matching background. Mesh paneling appears on the toes in typical fashion and sports a loud yellow hue that is complemented by the collars in a similar build. The bottom eye stays are a vibrant yellow while plastic eyelet panels don a similar hue, only diverging when it comes to the texture. 

Yellow throats are enveloped with matching yellow laces and move up to tongues that are seemingly constructed with yellow leather, contrasted by black tags. These tags are detailed with yellow “Nike Air” branding along with a Swoosh. Speaking of the latter, a cropped yellow leather Swoosh appears on the side panels while yellow sock liners and interiors complement the rest of the sneakers. Yellow midsoles with exposed Air Units and matching Air Unit blocks coupled with rugged yellow outsoles finish off this exciting new concept. There’s not much else like it on the secondary market, but you may be interested in checking out the similarly hued Air Max 90 Undercover Optic Yellow. For similar content, stay tuned for more!