A Darker Laser Blue AM90! The Air Max 90 Laser Wolf 

One of Nike’s best sellers has always been the Air Max lineup ever since one of the most popular silhouettes, the AM90, was released in 1990. The Air Max 90 blew up in popularity as soon as it hit the shelves which contributed to a lot of Nike’s success not just within the United States but also in regions such as Europe and Asia. Nike established its roots largely thanks to the Air Max lineup that became a fan favorite in the European country. Today, its popularity has given rise to a number of concepts designed by artists that come up with fire designs like this Air Max 90 Laser Wolf. 

The Air Max paved the way for sneaker innovation. It removed the monotony of regular sneakers that kept being re-released with little to no improvements. The Air Unit, as it’s called, is what inspired other manufacturers to also join the race in technological innovation to counter the Air Unit. Interestingly, the “Air”, according to ASOS, does not stand simply for Air, but it actually refers to Nitrogen. With all that popularity, it’s no wonder that sneaker artists come up with multiple designs each month for the same silhouette. 

Taking a closer look, the Air Max 90 Laser Wolf features a combination of two past colorways. The first one was the Air Max 90 Wolf Grey which featured dark grey leather panels. The second sneaker this concept is reminiscent of is the Air Max 90 Laser Blue which dons lighter shades of grey coupled with a vibrant “Laser Blue” hue.  Coming to the design of the Wolf Laser, jet-black leather covers the toes while mudguards indulge in a dark Wolf Grey hue with an embossed black “Air Max” tag against a dark grey background. The mudguards extend all the way to the rears that also feature an embossed Air Max piece in a matching dark grey color. 

Toe boxes are constructed with black mesh that slightly distinguishes itself from the leather it sits atop while complementing the matching material on the collars. The lower leather eye stays features titular grey, matching the plastic eyelet panels. Coming to the highlights of this design, laser blue laces and throats provide a sharp contrast against the relatively dark upper. These lead up to a pair of black tongues with laser blue tags and black “Nike” branding, complementing the cropped blue leather Swooshes. Black midsoles with a blue block surrounding the Air Unit and matching outsoles finish off the design. For similar content and more concept art, stick around!