Almost Identical To The Black Marina-The Air Max 90 Reverse Black

After a number of exciting and colorful concept drops for Nike’s Air Max 90, artists are returning to more serious, stealthier color tones with the increase in the use of shades like grey, white and black. Today, we bring you an almost all-black Air Max 90 that’s highly reminiscent of past Nike releases. Presenting, the Nike Air Max 90 Reverse Black Marina, a sneaker that’s close to identical to the actual colorways. 

The Air Max 90 was a highly popular release when it dropped in 1990 and according to fans, became a worthy successor to the revered Air Max 1. These sneakers were so popular that they weren’t only worn by sports athletes such as runners that set records in them, they were also worn by high-profile celebrities and public figures that rocked a pair not only because they were comfortable but also because they looked good. Thankfully, the paneling on these sneakers allows for more experimentation which is great news for fans and concept artists that are evidently fond of these kicks with consistent releases of new concepts. 

Coming to the design of these sneakers, the Air Max 90 Reverse Black Marina features a dark colorway with a few grey hits and even fewer white hues. Grey covers the toes and the leather side panels of the shoes while dark black leather appears on the mudguards and extends all the way to the back of the shoes. One of the major differences between these sneakers and the regular Black Marina Grey is the tags on the mudguards. The regular sneakers feature white “Air Max” tags while this concept dons black tags that are barely visible. Moving on, toe boxes feature a mesh material and complement the collars that don a similar shade and material. 

Lower eye stays are yet again, black leather that is tucked underneath plastic eye stay panels, with black laces. These laces cover the black throats and blend in nicely, leading up to a pair of black tongues with grey tags and black “Nike Air” branding. Although we don’t have a good view, the rears also likely feature a black heel piece with matching embossed branding. White cropped leather Swooshes on the sides, grey midsoles with matching Air Units, and grey outsoles finish off the design. You can find the Air Max 90 Black Marina Iron Grey on the secondary market which is close to identical to this concept. For more content such as this, stay tuned!