Too Much? – The LV x Air Max Plus Spiderman 

Concept artists are always cooking up some crazy art that sometimes works and other times does not. It is all about experimentation and this time it is no different. Without the confidence needed for such experimentation, we would not be greeted by a slew of incredible concept art from artists. We also would not have the various interesting sneakers and colorways from brands such as Nike and Yeezy that continue to innovate and change. On the other hand, it also leads to a handful of monstrosities. This time, artists bring together a strange mix of hues and present it as a Louis Vuitton collaboration. Presenting, the LV x Nike Air Max Plus Spiderman! 

On paper, the shoe and related technology were incredible, but that would turn out to be a problem. Designer McDowell was advised that the sort of fading upper he had imagined would not be able to produce. He responded simply, if not naively, with “We’ll just sublimate it.” McDowell was inspired by the Nike Flame running spike and believed it was possible to produce the sort of ombre effect he envisioned; once more, his inexperience as a designer within Nike nourished his fantasies. He instructed the facility to print over the lightest color in progressively darker tones. Only one sample was required to produce the desired result and the rest is history. Today, we still see colorways and concept art on this sneaker which is a testament to its success. 

The uppers on this sneaker, at first glance, show that it’s a fictional collaboration with various LV monograms on them. The colorway reminds us of the famous hues on the Spiderman suit that consists of dark blue and contrasting red hits. The toes on this feature a light blue piece that gets darker as you progress from the front to the sides and then the rear. Blue segments with apparently plastic pieces cause a ripple-like effect throughout the sneaker. Under which is a canvas-like upper with light LV monograms scattered throughout. 

The throats on the shoe are dark navy with matching laces that cover them up nicely. These laces are attached to individual lighter blue eyelets and bordered by a sharply contrasting red lace around them. The tongues are navy with slight detailing while lighter blue sock liners lead down to light midsoles. Light blue midsoles with contrasting red Air Units and red rugged outsoles finish off the design. For similar content and more, stick around.