The Nike Air Max City Special

The Nike Air Max ‘City Special’ collection has grown to be a fan favourite over the years and Nike seem to have no intention of slowing down on the releases. Next up, we see the ‘Atlanta’ edition of the notorious Nike Air Max Plus. As expected from one glance of the sneaker, Nike has labelled this as a women’s exclusive release. Arriving in pink, the sneaker has the potential to gather some serious street recognition for the female sneakerhead community. Here we take a closer look.

Atlanta and the city of Georgia is not so famous for their association with the colour pink; however, the sneaker embraces the hue to full extent nonetheless. The Air Max Plus arrives with an all-over rose pink colourway that instantly catches the eye. A showstopper by any means, the sneaker is made up of a mix of materials that offer serious premium vibes. Hard plastics, perforated mesh and rubber gels hold down the base of the shoe, whilst additional accents offer bigger character. One accent which we have started to see often with female exclusive Nike releases is the shiny velvet material that makes up the inner ankle lining. In addition to this, Nike have capped off the design process with a golden metal lace bar that’s unique to Atlanta, labelled ‘ATL’. Woven tabs hang off the heel of the sneaker alongside the iconic TN Air bubble, again labelled with the Atlanta abbreviation.

This midsole stays true to conventional Air Max Plus styling whilst sitting pretty in pink. Nike have added an exclusive insole which is further representative of the Atlanta theme, using a unique city special embroidered detailing.

As is usually the case, Nike brand have managed to keep the release date under wraps for quite some time and an official date is yet to be confirmed. This being said, we expect that the Nike Air Max Plus ‘Atlanta’ is set to drop before the fall of 2021.